Alexis + Daniel | Fontanel Mansion


When I think about what I do, I have moments when I really realize just how lucky I truly am. I get to see the most raw and realest moments front and center. I get to be with them more than anyone else that day and it is seriously the best. I see the butterflies in both the bride and groom in the morning, the excitement of the first look, the purest of emotion at the ceremony, the bliss at the reception and all the moments in between. I see everything and get to capture all of those moments too (the best part of it all). Being with them up close and personal, you develop a natural connection/friendship to these souls. This overcast filled day hidden up in the woods in this stunning cabin-mansion quickly turned into a glistening, sunshine filled one with laughter & tears of joy. 

These two were the sweetest + friendliest couple I have worked with to date. I fell in love with them when I first met them and fell even harder when I captured some of their most intimate moments with one another. I was honored to do this crazy / challenging / rewarding / amazing job of mine for them. 

Take a look at their beautiful day. I know you'll fall for them too: