Barfield Park | Amanda + Chris Wedding Bridals


This couple y'all... you already now how much I love these two together! So, even though these are not your typical "Bridal Portraits", I love them even more because they include the groom! A different take on just your average bridal session, these cuties created such sweet magic together before me to capture + I am so grateful they asked me to be apart of their most precious day. Amanda + Chris' wedding day went by within a blink of an eye (the saying's true, time goes by when you're having fun!) that we decided to set aside some special time when they got back from their honeymoon to take even more of just the two of them. I was so relieved + happy to hear when they wanted more because I had so much left to give them!

This perfect fall day turned quickly into one of the best sessions EVER! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for being a part of so many peoples wedding days + am so honored to be your life-long friend + photographer to see you through all of life's twists + turns. 


Please stay + take a glimpse out our time together: