All in Those Southern Details... | Samantha + Patrick

Well, let me start by saying that there are almost too many things I love about my job. I have a very special + spectacular view point through my lens. It is important to me as your wedding photographer, on the biggest day of your life that nothing goes un-noticed.

I am OBSESSED with details and small things people may pass by. I am intrigued by the edges of the ribbons on your flower bouquets + the sparkle in your grooms eyes as you walk down the isle. Let me show you a couple of photos from Samantha + Patrick's wedding day that I absolutely adored. 

Her Details:  

There is a story behind every image. This photo in particular {above} shows off Samantha's stunning + unique bouquet. Not your average overly stuffed flower bouquet; Sam took family heirlooms + vintage jewels and created a stunning masterpiece. I have never seen anything like this before + it definitely grabbed my attention. This is a fun + inexpensive way for Bride's to have something different + something special that your family can appreciate forever. 

Samantha's wedding earrings were purchased at boutique in Brooklyn that she payed $25 for. This is pure indication that you do not have to break the bank for your wedding day. Look around at your local little shops + I am sure you will come across at least a few items that you will love for a bargain! 

His Details: 

Patrick is a HUGE Tennessee Football fan + had the most hilarious beer-koozies! You can purchase these on Etsy or Amazon! Super affordable + cute way to incorporate something fun into your wedding day for him. 

Ceremony Details: 

Rose peddles on rose peddles... What could be better? This rustic outdoor ceremony was absolute perfection. The isles were lined with sleek chrome lanterns + chalkboards that read details about the Bride + Groom. Mirrors were hung all over the main walkway to the seating which reflected the golden sunshine and peaked through the many trees surrounding the entirety of the ceremony. It couldn't have been more darling. 

Reception Details:

Wowww! Where to even begin?! My eyes lit up with pure excitement as I entered the reception area in Drakewood Farms. Safe to say my secret interior designer fantasies all came true. Golds, rich reds, oranges, pinks + greens + blues were lined on every table. {Such an interesting combo of colors, but it worked!}. Different fine china for each table setting also gave this farm-to-table vibe an extremely 'homey' feel. Gold glitter table runners were placed underneath a white lace runner + it added the perfect amount elegance to tie everything together. 

Along with the joy of your wedding day, comes with remembering loved ones that you wish were there. Samantha + Patrick had a beautiful display of old family photos of relatives + family that were placed on an all lace table near candles in honor of those who could not be there. This is becoming more + more popular to do on your wedding day + it is a very loving thing to have displayed, where there is the most LOVE on this day. 


I hope you enjoyed reading + seeing some beautiful details from S + P's wedding day. Stay connected with my on Instagram for more! 

Alexis Xx