The best of 2016

Wow, what a year it has been. It seems like just yesterday I was graduating high school and had my whole future in photography right in front of me. The past 2 years as a whole have been significant for various reasons. But the main one I want to focus on, is photography. Every single photograph I have taken has changed my perception of the world. My eyes are continually drawn to the ever changing light. My perspective is now constructed of light edges and dimensions. Through my travels, these cognitive experiences continue to shape my life. My camera = an extension of me.

So many people I have met over this past year have asked me, "What makes you happy?". And every time without fail, it's photography. It's the one thing in my life I am sure about- more than sure- like 1,000,000% sure. I haven't found a greater happiness than when a camera is in my hand. For that alone, I know my love for this job shows in my work. It's an amazing feeling when people start to recognize that too. That glisten that shines in my free expression, the one without any limitations. If there's something I've learned this year, it's that I have the power to make a remarkable light in every thing I do and overcome (both in this life and my career). Looking back on all the experiences I've had this year, all the new faces I've met, and how much my work has evolved, it's truly hard to believe. Sharing with you some of my most intimate + heart-warming shots makes everything worth those sweat + tears. I have a good feeling my Wedding + Photography empire will be BOOMing by this time next year. (; 

Please stay, and have a look at my year:

See you next year...! Xx,