Samantha + Gabriel Murfreesboro, TN | Baby’s 1st Year


If I were you, I would go ahead + get a box of Kleenex ready to shed a tear at how flippin’ ADORABLE this sweet baby + his mama are!!! This gal is a true gem. I was referred to her through a friend I hold dear to capture these sweet images of her baby’s 1st year around the sun. I could tell instantly we would be great friends. We had set plans to shoot on the first week of December but soon realized between this crazy Tennessee weather transitioning into winter, it was much too cold for the sweet lil’ babe. We finally set a date + took everything within about 30 minutes on a seemingly glorious (little chilly) but spectacular evening! (Wooooosh, new time record!)

I have learned that with working with little ones, they are on a huge time crunch + it is my job to get those silly little giggles + bubbly big grins with whatever timespan they’re willing to give to me! Lol! I think we definitely accomplished that + more! I can’t wait to watch this handsome little guy grow up with many more special moments to come!

Like I said earlier, grab those tissues now: